Drug rehab is a hard path. That's the truth. Any addict discovers this at the very moment that, for the first time, decides to quit drugs without the assistance provided by a rehabilitation center during detox treatment. Human overpopulation and anonymity show drugs in a light making them appear as as a very effective way to keep problems away from collapsing your mind.

Drugs are a seemingly pleasant form of self-destruction, letting us escape from everything that we want to leave behind. But falling into chemical dependency of a drug does not have any nice side effect. The first time it is consumed is, and will actually be, the only pleasant experience. Because it is the only time that you enjoy it not knowing what is upon you, about to fall on you like a bird prey. Without still being physically hostaged by regular consumption. Without knowing that from then on you will have to do whatever it is needed to secure the next dose. It will destroy your life more than what you thought it already was. It will even destroy people life around you. People you did not actually wanted to harm in such a bad way.

But no matter at which point you are, or how entangled in drugs became that person you want to help.

Drug rehab is working like a charm in all Drug Rehab Centers across the globe. With the option of inpatient drug rehab when needed. There are people, many people, successfully achieving drug rehab, EVERY SINGLE DAY in drug rehab and detox treatment centers. Right now there's someone, somewhere, celebrating a very special anniversary with pride. The anniversary of the day he successfully completed drug rehab.

With a smile slapped in his face. It may be a bittersweet smile. But a smile after all.

But, why is it so difficult to quit drugs. For this very three reasons:

1. The environment. Also known as; - "those many either hostile, or hard to deal with, or simply failed to understand situations around addict":

This is the aspect less taken into account by those who encourage you to quit drugs, and the one that takes more advantage from a good residential drug treatment. And it is in fact the main one responsible of making you fall in drug consumption. That life surrounding you, that disappoints you, that traps you in a delusional whirl, or that simply makes you feel you are in the wrong place, over, and over, again, any single day. Your environment. Some abusers lie themselves believing that they engaged in drug addiction for fun. But that is never true. There is always a trauma either hidden, or that you don't want to realize. At the very least there is always a personal situation hard to carry on with. Don't let it fool you in that aspect, drugs did not make you feel uncomfortable in your life. You fall in them because you already were in trouble. Everything, drugs and substance addiction, got to show you, is that your life could be even worse, much worse indeed. Up to the point that drugs make you unable to complete everyday tasks, that you successfully performed in the past, and helped your mind to stay focused at least for some time.

Sometimes Earth breaks under your feet, and, far from fighting, you let yourself slip down. Waiting to touch a bottom at some point. Because you think that although the bottom of a hole will not be a pleasant site, at least you can take a sit a rest. You won't have to struggle to climb, or push forward all your responsibilities, or personal problems, as you've been doing every hard day. Without a single moment to rest.

We tell ourselves that we are VERY TIRED. We let the current, we have been fighting against, take us wherever it wants. Because we have fought hard, and it does not seem to serve any purpose at all. But sooner or later you discover your mistake. THAT HOLE HAS NO BOTTOM.

You'll fall more and more, while you hit against the walls again and again. At different moments your family takes a hit, your health takes another hit, a beloved one takes a hit, your employment, if there is any, takes a hit, a hit make you lose a property you valued beyond its price, even your physical appearance and everyday behaviour with others takes a hit ultimately, telling everybody around you what you may not want them to know about.

You'll have to draw strength from where you think there is nothing left, at least a small effort. Enough to decide if you want to live. Without further procrastination. Stopping to look at yourself ruin, to head up and look forward. Enough to ask for help.

Enough to dare imagining there can be a tomorrow that will be better than a today.

Do you want to live? A real life, one with your senses throttled to 100%, and your mind crystal clear. Then you have to take drug rehab with the help of a drug detox program in a rehabilitation centre. Once you have gone through drug rehab facilities you will look at your surroundings yet with a very different perspective. You will see everything under a different light than the depressive sadness stalking you now on each corner.

2. The physical withdrawal syndrome. Also known as THE HUNGER:

This is the best known aspect of drug addiction, by both, drug addict, and those who are trying to help you quit drugs during detoxification. AND IT IS THE LEAST IMPORTANT. This statement may froze you, or even offend you, because of how difficult that is to deal with it, but this is true as long as you enter a drug rehab service. Physical withdrawal syndrome caused by most drugs lasts from as short as 3 days to no longer than 3 weeks.

And then it disappears. COMPLETELY. AND FOREVER.

Only long term drug addiction may left some neural modification, that may make for a very soft permanent withdrawal feel. And even that can be wiped away by doctors in rehab centers, through long term drug rehab treatments.

Furthermore detox meds used in drug rehab centers may help you to pass through withdrawal without hesitation or pain. No matter if we are talking about alcohol or any other substance abuse, there are drugs that will void worst effects of withdrawal. And there are even withdrawal free, or withdrawal arrested, drug rehab services running in treatment centers.

80% of addicts have successfully left withdrawal syndrome behind, not once, but several times, in rehab through detoxification. It is the most frightening monster in drug addiction because it is the one pushing your life from one dose to the next one, like the chain in a chainsaw. But with the help of a drug treatment you forget it, in most cases, within a maximum of 3 weeks. Which let some centers to offer 30 day drug rehab fast treatments. But to rehab from drugs you'll have to face something more when you try.

3. The psychological withdrawal syndrome:

THIS IS THE ENEMY. Lasts a lifetime. You will have to face this every day.

Once physical withdrawal syndrome is defeated with help in the rehab center, what remains is the habit of taking a dose. If the environment in which you live is the same that pushed you into addiction, you have another problem to add to the list. Make your best to move your life away. Don't stop there, go beyond the act of quit drug addiction. Rehabilitation centres include follow-up therapy after detoxification, group meetings, or visits to psychiatrists or psychologists if you prefer. After the treatment jump on a new life with all your illusion and strength. Change your image, if you can, even change your employment, move your life to another place, or if it is the case, put some distance between your friends and you. Do whatever you need, but once you successfully rehabilitate from drugs, change as much as you can in your life surroundings.

If you can find every day something better to do than taking a dose, something worthwhile, something that makes you feel proud to be who you are, then, you've managed to complete drugs rehab.

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